Terms of Reference

Maps and the Internet Commission

  • Detect and integrate new trends related to the interconnection of cartography and the Internet such 3D cartography, semantic issues in cartography and spatial data, participatory mapping and co-creation approach in cartography, new education methods related to the Internet, Big data, Linked Open Data or Internet of Things.
  • Define short and medium term research goals that address significant challenges associated with maps and the Internet – for example, new Internet mapping technologies, multinational and multicultural perspectives of Internet maps or Service-Oriented Mapping.
  • Support education activities related to maps on the Internet.
  • Publish the documents relevant for the commission domain with scientific journals (Open Access journals are preferred) and appropriate Internet channels, including the official website of the commission and social media.
  • Organise (or co-organise) ICC sessions, workshops, hackathons, mapathons and international conferences to meet, interact and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas (in several cases, the events can be transformed into the virtual space to arrange a higher number of participants).
  • Actively promote activities of the commission and ICA in general to eliminate the most critical problem of the Commission on Maps and the Internet, which consists of a low number of active people involved in its activities.
  • Foster cooperation with other ICA commissions (for example Commission on Education and Training, Commission on Cartographic Heritage into the Digital, Commission on Location Based Services, Commission on Open Source Geospatial Technologies, Commission on Ubiquitous Mapping or Commission on Use, User and Usability Issues) to support „cross-commissions“ research and sharing information.