Terms of Reference

Maps and the Internet Commission

  • Focus scholarship on the dissemination of maps and spatial data through distributed data networks. Product: Journal articles and web pages.
  • Examine Internet map usage trends to better serve users in a multi-platform environment. Product: Oral or published reports.
  • Examine the dynamically changing nature of Internet mapping, in regards to Service Oriented Mapping (SOM) and Application Programing Interfaces (API’s) for Internet distribution. Product: Oral and published reports.
  • Examine the use of new Internet mapping technologies for social interaction and empowerment with online maps. Product: Oral or published report.
  • Examine differences in the application of Internet maps between different parts of the world. Product: Oral or published reports.
  • Examine Internet maps through social media platforms. Product: Oral or published reports.
  • Encourage Internet maps that support multinational and multicultural perspectives: Product: Oral and Published guidelines
  • Examine an international construction kit for Internet maps that supports multinational and multicultural perspectives. Product: Oral and Published reports.
  • Promote instruction on Internet mapping through collaboration / coordination with agencies for research and mapping. Product: Materials to be used in workshops.